Track Training

We currently run track session at AUB running track on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 6 and 8am. We recommend that you access the track via the AUB CHSC gate located on the Corniche.

These sessions are intended for runners who are already fit and who are looking to improve their running. These track sessions can help push you that extra bit; the sessions are also suitable for those training for cross country and triathlon racing.

The sessions will be physically demanding – you don’t need to be fast, but you do need to be able to run for an hour to get the most from the sessions. The sessions involve a 20 minutes warm up, drills, intervals and a cool down. The session will change from week to week depending on the race schedule.

Entry to the track is 10 000L.L. The track has changing facilities and showers.
As an effort to protect the environment, the club kindly asks all runners to bring reusable water bottles for the trainings.

To help track sessions run smoother for everyone, the following guidelines may be helpful:

Make sure there are no runners coming before crossing the track
Be prompt when preparing to start your session and never stand still on the track
Stay as close as you can to the inside of the track when running in lane 1
Use the outer lanes (lane 5 and 6) for recovery runs, warm-up and cool-down
If passing another runner give them space, particularly when moving back into lane 1
Check behind you when finishing a rep and be aware of other runners when moving into lanes 5 and 6 for recovery
Avoid loud music and always be aware of your surroundings

Many sessions will be described using the term VMA (vitesse maximale aerobie) or MAS (maximal aerobic speed). Twice a year, the club has a VMA assessment for all runners to adapt their training accordingly; this is done my the means of the Half Cooper tests: each runner needs to run for 6 minutes and cover as much ground as possible. The distance covered is used to calculate the VMA.