Club Vision, Mission and Purpose

let’S run is a non-profit, friendly, community based and professional Track and Field & Road Running Club in Lebanon whose aim is to:

  1. Help and encourage all club members to reach and exceed their potential, no matter what their targets may be.
  2. Create an inclusive community for dedicated athletes to train, compete and cultivate long lasting friendships.
  3. Grow, manage and promote the running community in Lebanon.
  4. Be actively present in Lebanon’s official and fun athletics activities.
  5. Attract, motivate and support Lebanese talented athletes to grow and reach international level.

General Guidelines

  1. The club is managed by a group of friends and volunteers in their free time without any liability or responsibility on their behalf for any events that occur at the club. These volunteers may or may not have taken any training/coaching.
  2. All club members shall consider the club as an informal group of people who will run together in a loosely structured manner.
  3. All members of the club (runners and coaches) are encouraged to portray a welcoming, all inclusive, and friendly attitude towards one another.
  4. All club members are encouraged at all times to work in a collaborative manner for the interest of the club and avoid conflict of interest, gossip, tension, and work towards one goal which is the success of the club.
  5. Every person attending the club should take full and complete responsibility for their own actions. Know your limits.
  6. In case of any concerns from club members, it should be directed to the concerned committee.
  7. All members should accept full and complete liability for their actions.

Code of Conduct

let’S run members fully adhere to sportsmanship values.

  • Active Participation:
  1. Participate to training sessions and to races / competitions with enthusiasm and to the best of your ability.
  2. Participate to club races and do best effort to attend club selected races and events.
  3. Check and follow race rules.
  • Training Sessions:
  1. Trust and respect the training.
  2. Make best effort to arrive on time for training sessions.
  3. Make best effort to regroup with other team members.
  4. Respect pedestrian and other road users: always give way to others.
  5. Avoid destructive behavior and leave athletic venues as you find them.
  • Illegal Substances and Cheating:
  1. Do not carry or consume or promote illegal substances under any circumstances.
  2. Nothing justifies cheating.
  • Morals and Sportsmanship:
  1. Avoid prejudice against the athletic capability of other teams and members
  2. Refrain from putting the club into disrepute through talking about other teammates or other clubs and members.
  3. Treat others with the same fairness and sportsmanship that you wish to receive.
  4. Do not despise the athletic capability of others regardless to their age, gender, beliefs, or culture.
  5. Look after other teammates and do not leave others on their own: if someone is struggling, make sure they are not left on their own.
  6. Warn other runners around you of impending hazards.
  7. Act in a professional and skilled manner.
  8. Avoid swearing and abusive language.
  9. Avoid aggressive behavior and offensive language while talking or discussing.
  10. Commit to sports discussions without digression to other subjects.
  • Be the best image of the club:
  1. Perform in official attire when representing the club.
  2. Show professionalism when presenting the club image during trainings, competitions and social settings.
  3. Accept full responsibility for own behavior and performance in training and in competition.
  4. Always inform in advance the members of the management committee of any local or international race you are attending.
  5. Remember that, as a valued member of let’S run, what you post on Social Media affects the image of the community you belong to.

Any concerns or issues should be reported to members of the management committee.

Lebanese Sports Federation

The management of let’S run Club and all its members will abide by the Lebanese Sports Federation Rules and Regulations.

Club Contribution Fees

All members are asked to settle their yearly contribution fees to the administrative committee to become official members of let’S run club. Contribution fees are:

  1. USD 150
  2. USD 300
  3. Above USD 300
  4. Other (_______________)

Yearly contribution includes (a) common training programs to be provided by the club at no additional charge; (b) access to group discounts negotiated by let’S run with select gear retailers.

All club affiliations or race fees should be paid and kept up to date: any concerns or problems relating to this should be discussed with the members of the management committee.


  1. Sponsors are let’S run partners and bring lots of advantages to club members.
  2. Club members and sponsors share the same values in promoting sportsmanship.


By agreeing to this code of conduct and application you acknowledge and agree that you shall be fully responsible for your own behavior and performance whether in trainings or competitions. In addition, you shall be fully responsible for any injuries incurred by you of whatever nature during trainings and races. Accordingly, let’S run and all of its members disclaim any liability of whatever nature in relation to your behavior, performance or injuries sustained.