Run as long as you can with your legs, when these start letting you down, run with your head and when the head gets tired, run with your heart to cross the finish line!

Pia Nehme

Running Coach

Club Vision, Mission and Purpose

let’S run is a non-profit, friendly, community based and professional Track and Field & Road Running Club in Lebanon whose aim is to:

  1. Help and encourage all club members to reach and exceed their potential, no matter what their targets may be.
  2. Create an inclusive community for dedicated athletes to train, compete and cultivate long lasting friendships.
  3. Grow, manage and promote the running community in Lebanon.
  4. Be actively present in Lebanon’s official and fun athletics activities.
  5. Attract, motivate and support Lebanese talented athletes to grow and reach international level.


Let’s run club organize regular club runs, often with a social element, organize track training sessions and coaching, liaise with the sport’s governing body, inform members about events and races, enter teams in team events such as relays, provide information to members, organize social events, and organize races. Most of all, we link runners with other runners. Don’t be scared about joining the club. Sure, we have a few megastars who run fast, but we have plenty of runners who do it to control stress, keep fit, lose weight, or just as a way to socialize.

Benefits of Running

There are a number of benefits from joining a running club:
• you’ll get advice from experienced runners on how to start running, how to avoid injury, how to improve, good routes to run, how to enter events, how to run at different speeds and over different distances, and so on
• you will get motivation and enjoyment from running with other people; you will almost certainly find other people in a club who are about the same standard as you (even if you think you are slow)
• you’ll improve your fitness levels and performance but also have the opportunity to challenge yourself during official races

Don’t be scared about joining the club. Sure, we have a few megastars who run fast, but we have plenty of runners who do it to control stress, keep fit, lose weight, or just as a way to socialize. We have all been beginners at some time. We love running (that is why we do it!) and we are excited to welcome new people into the sport. So don’t be shy of coming along – we want you to get as much fun out of running as we do.

We welcome any runner to join our training sessions once or twice to make sure they enjoy the training and the team. However, if you wish to benefit from long term training and join races with the club, we kindly ask you to pay our membership fee. Let’S run club is a non for profit organization, the joining fee simply allows to cover recurring costs such as keeping this website alive!

Our Key values

The club runners compete in hundreds of road and trail races every year: from local races in Lebanon to international marathons and championships. Plan your racing year using the race calendar; the results of all these events can be found on the results pages of this website.

If you wish to enter a race, please register directly via the Let’s run website and pay your registration via the payment portal. By registering via Let’s run, you’ll be ensured that you have the proper training plan for the selected race and will receive all communication concerning the training and race day organisation. There will be no surcharge on races entry fee.

Many foreign races require a medical certificate from you when you enter. This is particularly true of French races so if you’re planning on running the Paris marathon, for example, you’ll need to get one. You can download a template here; simply print it out and get your doctor to sign it!







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Join our running club

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